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       Tobey MaguireEdit

Born: June 27, 1975

Age: 38

Spouse: Jennifer Meyer (2007)

Children: Ruby (2006)

Otis (2009)

When Tobey was born, his mother and father were never married at the time of his birth; Then the two got married but, got a divorced when he was two. In the early 1990's, Tobey became a child actor. He first appeared in a 1989 movie called The Wizard. He then appeared in commericals, TV Shows, and Movies. In 2002, he started playing as Spider-Man. Then in 2007, he married Jennifer Meyer and had two kids named, Ruby and Otis. The last film Maguire is in now is The Great Gasby.

Relationships                                      Edit

Wendy Maguire- Mother

Vincent Maguire- Father

Jennifer Meyer Maguire- Wife

Ruby Maguire- Daughter

Otis Maguire- Son                           
  • Tobey Maguire and his wife, Jennifer Meyer
  • Tobey and his daughter, Ruby
  • Tobey and his son, Otis

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