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      "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility!" Edit

History                                                                                                          Edit



When Peter was 6 years old, His parents took him to his Uncle Ben and Aunt May's and died in an airplane crash. So, Peter began living with his Aunt and Uncle and also went to school at Midtown High. At

Peter bitten by a spider.

General Techtronics corporation, Peter was bitten by a spider and on the next day, He began climbing walls. To earn money and test his powers, Peter decided to join the wrestling match. But in order to get the money, Peter has to face a professional wrestler for
Crusher hogan1

Peter wrestling to test his powers.

3min. After Peter won the match, a TV producer came to Peter and convinced him to be on TV with his act. Peter then designed a costume, created web shooters, and came up with the name Spider-Man! After his TV apperence, Peter failed to stop an escaping

Spider-Man found the burglar.

burglar and because of that, his Uncle Ben was killed by the man. Years and years went by as Spider-Man untill Peter died. He died because Doctor Octopus was dieing and switched bodies. But, it was revealed that Peter was still in his body as a  subconsciousness. Also without Otto noticing, Otto couldn't control Peter's body and swore he will regain it. Later, Otto finally killed Peter's subconsciousness and finally regained his body. The reason why I like Spider-Man is because he has an amazing life.   


  Powers                                                                                                                                                                                 Edit

Real Name: Peter Benjamin Parker
First Apperence: Amazing Fantasy #15
Apperence of Death: Superior Spider-Man #9

Wall Crawling: This ability to affect the attraction between surfaces is so far limited to Spider-Man's body and another object, with an upper limit of several tons per finger.

Superhuman  strength: Spidey's strength can let him lift approximatley 10 tons.

Superhuman speed: Spidey can run beyond the natural physical limits of the finest human athlete. Also, Spidey can swing webs fast.

Spider-Sense: Peter or Spider-Man also have spider-senses when there's danger.

  • Super Powers
  • Spider-sense
  • Strength
  • Wall-Crawling
  • Origins
  • Just Strength to Super Strength
  • Spider-Sense means sense of danger

Equipments  Edit

Web Shooters: A spider has to have webs and since that radioactive spider didn't Peter webs, he made webs from scratch. Spider-Man can make his webs into certain stuff like sheilds, a giant ball, or something else.

Utility Belt: Peter puts his web cartridges and his signature spider-signal in is belt.


Relationship         Edit

Richard Parker- Dad(deceased)

Mary Parker-Mom(deceased)

Ben Parker-Uncle(deceased)

May Parker-Aunt

Will Fitzpatrick- Grandfather(persumably deceased)

Jay Jameson- Step-Uncle                                                                                    
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  • Spider-Man(Peter Parker) Ultimate Comics Spider-Man(Miles Morales)

John Jonah Jameson- Step-Cousin

Ben Reilly- Clone(deceased)

Kaine- Clone

Spider-Cide- Clone (allegedly deceased)

Guardian- Clone(deceased)

Mary-Jane Watson-Parker- Exfiancee

Amanda Reilly- Cousin

Amy Reilly- Cousin

Alexa Reilly- Cousin

Phillip Watson- Father in law prior of excision

Madeline Watson- Mother in law prior of excision

Gayle Watson-Brynes- Sister in law prior of excision

Venom Symbiote- Former Symbiote

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