Patrick Star
First Appearance Help Wanted
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Last Appearance It came from Goo Lagoon
Actor Bill Fagerbakke
Gender Male
Species Starfish
Alignment Good

History                                             Edit


Patrick House/Rock

Patrick lives under a rock at 120 Conch Street and has two neighbors.(Spongebob and Squidward) Patrick has also been working at the Krusty Krab sometimes to either help Spongebob or Mr. Krabs hired him and sometimes has been working for the Chum Bucket.
Even though he is almost the dumbest starfish in Bikini Bottom, Patrick passed Middle School, Boating School, and Community College! Patrick also won the Doing nothing award, dance club award, and Wrestling Champions awards.

Relationships                             Edit

Sam Star- Sister

Herb Star- Father

Margie Star- Mother

Ed Star- Cousin

Gary- Cousin

Primitive Star- Ancestor                                                 
  • Patrick and Sam
  • Patrick,his father,and his mother
  • Patrick and Gary
  • Patrick and Spongebob
  • Patrick and Raarg
  • Patrick and Squidward
  • Patrick and Mr. Krabs
  • Patrick and Sandy
  • Patrick and Sheldon Plankton
  • Patrick and Mrs. Puff
  • Patrick and Larry the Lobster
  • Patrick and Mermaid Man
  • Patrick and Barnacle Boy
  • Patrick and Mindy
  • Patrick and King Neptune
  • Patrick and the Flying Dutchman
  • Patrick and Wormy
  • Patrick and Flats
  • Patrick and Jeffrey the jellyfish

Spongebob- Best Friend

Yorick- Great Grandpa

Billy Bob Star- Grandfather

Maw Tucket-  Grandmother

Princess Tulsa- Great Grandmother

King Amoeba- Great Great Grandfather

Queen Mildew- Great Great Grandmother

Patar- Ancestor

Pecos Patrick- Ancestor

Patron- Descendant

Raarg- Friend

Squidward- Friend

Mr. Krabs- Friend

Sandy- Friend

Plankton- Frenemy

Mrs. Puff- Friend

Larry the Lobster- Friend

Mermaid Man- Fan

Barnacle Boy- Fan

Pearl- Friend

Mindy- Love Interest

King Neptune- Friend

Flying Dutchman- Friend

Wormy- Friend

Flats- Community College Friend

Jeffrey the Jellyfish- Dismay

Squilliam- Friend

Others- Friend

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