History                                       Edit

Alignment: Good
Identity: Public
First Apperence: Fantastic Four #1

Before they became heroes, Ben Grimm, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, and Reed Richards were using an experimental rocket in space. Then, the rocket was bombarded by a wave of cosmic radiation. The shuttle crashed down back to earth. When they came out the shuttle, Reed had the power to stretch with his bodyand named himself Mr. Fantastic, Ben turned into a big strong orange brick and named himself the Thing, Sue can turn invisible, make other stuff invisible, and named herself Invisible Woman, and Johnny can make fire, turn himself on fire, and named himself Human Torch. For their first apperence they defeated their first villain named, Mole Man  his giant snotty monster! When Johnny was thought dead, Reed formed a team called the Future Foundation. Their teamates were Spider-Man, Doctor Doom, Franklin Richards, Nathaniel Richards, and Valeria Richards. Then Johnny was alive again and joined the Future Foundation.

Relationships                                       Edit

Avengers- Allies

Black Panther- Allies

Dragon Man- Allies

Future Foundation- Allies                                                 
  • Sue and Janet
  • Fantastic Four and Black Panther
  • Fantastic Four and Dragon Man
  • Fantastic Four in Future Foundation
  • Fantastic Four and H.E.R.B.I.E
  • Mr. Fantastic and Huntara
  • Fantastic Four and Doctor Doom
  • Fantastic Four and Spider-Man
  • Thing and Thanos
  • Fantastic Four and X-Men
  • Fantastic Four and Mole Man
  • Fantastic Four and skrulls
  • Fantastic Four and Silver Surfer
  • Fantastic Four and the New Fantastic Four (Spider-Man,Wolverine,Ghost Rider,and Grey Hulk)

H.E.R.B.I.E.- Allies

Huntara- Allies

Doctor Doom- Enemy

Spider-Man- Allies

Thanos- Enemy

X-Men- Allies

Mole Man- Enemy

Kang- Enemy

Wizard- Enemy

Skrull- Enemy

Silver Surfer- Allies

New Fantastic Four- Allies

Namor- Allies

Galactus- Enemy

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