Real Name: Emil Blonsky
Alignment: Bad
Gender: Male
First Apperence: Tales to Astonish #90
Apperence of Death: Hulk Vol 2 #1

History                                                          Edit

At a Gamma base in New Mexico, Emil was a communist spy. He activated  Bruce Banner's Gamma Ray Machine and transformed himself into a villain called, The Abomination! Abomination had gained greater than the Hulk. He even had full controll his body but can't turn back into his human form. When he first saw the the Hulk, he nearly killed him and kidnapped Betty Ross! But, the Hulk defeated. So many times Abomination always ends up almost killing the Hulk but gets defeated. Months later Abomination then had a battle with the Red Hulk in Russia. So far, Abomination was losing. Red Hulk beated up Abomination so bad,he had a inch of his life. But Red Hulk instead decided to shoot him until he dies. The reason he killed him was because of his hands in Betty's death.

Powers                                                      Edit

Superhuman Strength: Abomination possesses superhuman strength, letting him pick up somewhere in excess of 200 tons.

Superhuman Durability: Abomination's body is capable of withstanding tremendous impact forces such as artillery shells and powerful energy blast. 

Regenerative Healing Factor: It's Possible to injure Abomination. Also he possesses healing factor similar to that by the Hulk.

Relationships                                                              Edit

Nadia Dornova Blonsky- Ex-wife(deceased)                                                                
  • hulk vs Abomination
  • Emil and Thunderbolt Ross
  • Abomination killed by Thunderbolt/Red Hulk

Hulk/Bruce Banner- Enemy

Thunderbolt Ross-Enemy

Betty Ross-Enemy

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